About Us

Other Materials

Stainless steel is a high quality material. This ferrous alloy is extremely strong and highly resistant to corrosion. We use Grade 304, a grade which is very suitable for outdoor furniture. This material offers total durability in heavy use environments.

We use pure anodised aluminium which is rust-free and long lasting. This high quality metal is anodised for further protection - a process which makes the metal hard-wearing and easy to care for and gives it a lovely satin finish.

The synthetic fibre used by Leblon Outdoor Design is a polyethylene based fibre of superior quality. The weave of this high quality synthetic material feels pleasantly soft and is absolutely weather-proof.


Volume of Timber

Leblon Design timbers are selected for density and durability. The result is solid heavy pieces with generous dimensions. Our aim is to provide design inspired furniture, without compromise to quality, at competitive prices.


The search for beauty is often lost in the final stages of the finishing process. The smooth feel of all Leblon Design pieces comes from hand finishing with fine sandpaper.


Our lines feature stainless steel or solid brass castings, screws and bolts. Even in wet outdoor conditions, the fittings are specifically designed to avoid rust and deterioration.

Brass Plugs

Brass plugs are used to cover all umbrella holes in Leblon Design tables. This enhances the aesthetics of the table, and also assists in maintenance and longevity.

Butterfly Mechanism

A butterfly mechanism is built into all Leblon Design extendable tables. Easy to use and compact for storage, this mechanism offers convenience and stability.


Folding Chairs

All Leblon Design tables can be combined with folding chairs. Innovative design ensures these chairs offer the same level of comfort as regular fixed chairs whilst offering the practicality of easy storage and handling.

Stackable Chairs

Another great addition to our settings, stackable chairs offer comfort and convenience. Stackable chairs can be mixed and matched with folding chairs or used on their own.


Leblon Design furniture is built using time-honoured joinery techniques with extensive use of mortise and tenon joints secured by teak dowels.