Care Information - Leblon Outdoor Furniture
Teak Outdoor Furniture
Teak is the perfect timber for outdoor furniture. It is extremely durable and requires little care to protect it from the elements. Historically, shipbuilders have used teak due to its high oil content and "built in" natural water repellent that resists rotting.
Aging Process
Our furniture has been finely sanded for an exceptional smooth finish using the highest quality timber.
All untreated timber will gradually weather to a silvery grey colour. This silver grey "patina" which develops on teak over time gives it a distinctive appearance. This desirable colour results from the natural aging process and allows the furniture to harmonise with outdoor environments. Teak furniture left in this state is easily maintained and needs no treatment. After some time fine hairline cracks will appear in the surface of the timber, this is a natural part of the weathering process and will not downgrade the quality of the timber. A fine sand will remove the cracks.
If you prefer to retain the natural, golden brown colour of teak, we recommend that the teak be treated semi-annually with a suitable timber or decking oil. Light sanding may be required to reveal the original timber colour. This should be followed by a coat of oil.
Stainless Steel Frame - Buzios Collection
Whilst stainless steel is highly resistant to corrosion it still requires some maintenance to preserve its finish and the more extreme the environment then the more frequent should be the maintenance. Mild stains and loose dirt and soils should be cleaned with clean warm water and a soft cloth. If a solvent is used, it should not contain chlorine, acetone, methyl alcohol or mineral spirits. A final rinse with clean water and a dry wipe eliminate the possibility of water stains.
Aluminium Frame - Mandalay Collection
Most stains on the aluminium outdoor furniture can be removed with a mild soap or detergent. Avoid using abrasive cleaners on aluminium outdoor furniture. Aluminium is impervious to most environments, and is therefore used heavily in erosive marine environments. To maximise these qualities, regular cleaning is recommended.
All weather range - Raffles Collection
Our polyethylene based synthetic fibre of superior quality requires little maintenance. You can simply use a wet cloth or a mild detergent to clean.
The Teak armrest can be left to weather to a silvery grey patina or preserved by applying a clear teak/decking oil every 6 months. Light sanding may be required where the timber has already taken a silvery grey colour to reveal the original timber colour followed by a coat of suitable oil.